**Car Diffusers
**Car Diffusers
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**Car Diffusers

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Experience the scents of CocoWick wherever you go with our premium hanging car diffusers! Perfectly crafted to release your favorite smells for 2-3 months, this addition to your car will transport you to a world of delightful, clean scents! 

Black Sea:
Sea salt, ozone, cardamom, amber, vanilla

Cucumber Melon:
Cucumber + Sweet Melon

Coconut Coffee:
Coconut, vanilla, caramel, dark roast coffee bean

Coconut Beach:
Toasted coconut, brown sugar

Island Flower:
White floral, island jasmine, freesia, berry

Key West:
Tangerine, bergamot, coconut, palm, verbena, lime

Instructions for use:

Unscrew wooden cap and remove plastic stopper

Replace wooden cap and tighten

Tilt bottle upside down for 5 seconds until wooden cap is saturated with oil (but not dripping)

Turn bottle back upright and tie onto your rearview mirror

Clean up any spills immediately to avoid any damage to dash/interior